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We have been recognized by both peers and the legal industry as elite attorneys, earning recognition from a number of organizations for their legal abilities, professional achievements, case results, and service to the community.


Our clients are our top priority. We make the effort and take the time to understand each client’s individual situation and circumstances. From the very beginning of a case we listen to our clients and we continue to keep clients involved in their cases throughout litigation. Unlike many large law firms where clients meet with legal support staff, at Lallande Law, clients meet with and speak to the attorneys directly. Getting to know our clients on a personal level helps us be the best possible advocates to obtain justice on their behalves.


Almost all of our cases are based on a contingency fee-if we don’t obtain a settlement or verdict in your favor then we don’t get paid. In most cases we advance all costs, which may be waived if there is no recovery. We provide the resources to pursue your case and equalize your access to the Court House and justice.


We believe that an attorney isn’t just a professional that you hire to do a job. We are much more to our clients- a source of support, a shoulder to cry on, a confidant to talk to, and an advisor. Our clients are a part of our family, and we fight for them and hurt with them as if they were family. Our relationships with our clients don’t end once a case is resolved. We often develop such a strong bond with our clients during the course of litigation that we continue to be a part of our clients’ lives for years after a case is closed. Once you are family, you will always be family.


We investigate and analyze the evidence using both traditional and innovative methods. Utilizing advances in technology allows our technologically-savvy attorneys to be more effective and efficient in a practical sense. We combine technology with personalized service so that our clients can be confident that we are prosecuting and presenting their cases in the most impactful way possible. Through the use of cutting edge technology, hard work, and collaboration with nationally recognized experts we level the playing field between our clients and the well-funded defendants and their insurance companies.


With more than 45 years of combined legal experience Lawrence and Karina Lallande know what evidence is important in your case and how to gather, analyze, and present it to maximize the recovery. Lallande Law has handled cases in federal and state courts across California.


The pursuit of justice for our clients is our passion. We aggressively go after wrongdoers in order to make certain that they are held accountable for the full measure of the consequences of their actions. Our dedication to justice is evidenced by our longstanding work fighting for victims’ rights and underserved communities through various organizations.


We are trial attorneys with experience in the court room. Results are obtained through hard work, dedication to the client, and attention to the details of the case. Wrongdoers and their insurers know that we are prepared to fight for our clients until the end and have an excellent proven result history, maximizing monetary compensation for our clients.


Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings, the gold standard in attorney ratings, recognized both Lawrence Lallande and Karina Lallande for not only their strong legal ability, but also their high ethical standards. Trust is the foundation of strong attorney-client relationship. We are committed to building trust with our clients by demonstrating our commitment to the case, being reliable and transparent, keeping clients informed of developments in their cases, and always telling our clients the truth.


Having studied bio-chemistry before embarking on the path that ultimately led him to practice law, Mr. Lallande is able to call upon his knowledge of math and science in the courtroom and master the evidence regarding accident reconstruction, showing who was at fault and illustrating his clients’ injuries and the pain and suffering those injuries cause. Mr. Lallande is certified by the American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys (ABPLA), recognition that he is a specialist in the field of medical malpractice. ABPLA It is the only organization accredited by the American Bar Association to identify and board certify attorneys in the area of medical malpractice. For a number of years, Mr. Lallande was a volunteer ski-patroller, responsible for the assessment, treatment, and transport of injured or ill patients on a mountain. This experience, along with his years of handling medical malpractice cases, has provided Mr. Lallande with an understanding of medicine and physical injuries that allows him to know what a client is going through and convey that to a jury.

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