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AUTO v. auto


the case

Plaintiff was a passenger in a vehicle which was southbound on the I-15 freeway in the County of San Bernardino, when the vehicle she was in was struck in the rear by a vehicle driven by Defendant. The impact caused a chain reaction of collisions, as Plaintiff's vehicle was pushed into the car in front of her, who was then pushed into the car in front of it, and the crash ultimately involved five vehicles. Plaintiff asserted that Defendant was negligent, and that as a result of the severe forces involved in the impact she sustained injuries to her lower back with radiating pain into the lower extremities which resulted in a lumbar fusion of L4-L5. Plaintiff also claimed that she sustained injuries to her neck, left shoulder, arm and wrist. Defendant disputed liability and the nature and extent of the injuries and damages claimed by the Plaintiff. A San Bernardino County jury found that Defendant was negligent and held Defendant responsible for Plaintiff's injuries and damages.

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