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Serious burns can be painful and debilitating, potentially disfiguring an individual for the rest of his or her life. Any lawyer who wants to successfully handle burn injury cases must have some basic medical knowledge regarding the physical effects burns have on the human body and the particularities of the treatment the injured individual must undergo. At Lallande Law, PLC, we understand the medicine relating to burn injuries and are able to argue forcefully and eloquently on technical issues regarding burn injuries. In addition, we believe it is important to really listen closely to our clients so that we can better understand the full impact their injuries have had on their lives. This allows us to effectively communicate that impact to juries as we seek compensation for our clients that will truly account for all the suffering their injury has caused.


Many burn injuries are caused by dangerous or defective products, resulting in electrocution, chemical burns and scalding. Lallande Law, PLC is fully equipped to handle product liability cases in pursuit of compensation from the designers and manufacturers of such products.


Lallande Law, PLC provides reputable, compassionate, detail-oriented representation with an approach that has led to multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts. Lallande Law, PLC is devoted to the ideals of justice and we work meticulously to see that our clients receive the compensation they are justly due.


If you have suffered a burn injury and would like to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case, setup a free initial consultation with Lallande Law, PLC by filling in the contact form or calling (800) 308-8800.

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