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With hundreds of thousands of cars cruising constantly along congested freeways like the 710, 110, 405, 5, 10, 15, 210, 101, 105, 605, and 91, car crashes occur with disturbing frequency. Unfortunately, their frequency does nothing to lessen the trauma felt by their victims, and it certainly doesn’t make insurance companies any more enthusiastic about delivering the adequate, just compensation they have promised.

In order to determine who is at fault in a car crash and how much negligence the at-fault party displayed, car crashes must be reconstructed. This is done by looking at the physical evidence left behind at the scene of a collision and working backwards from there. For example, by considering the length of tire tracks, the damage on the vehicles’ crush zones, the coefficient of friction for the pavement and tires, and other variables, one can calculate how fast and in what direction either car was moving. Having studied science before becoming a lawyer, Mr. Lallande is able to fully understand the dynamics of each car crash, use his understanding of physics to effectively reconstruct crashes, and bolster his arguments with precise facts using physics and mathematics. 

Car crash cases often involve changing conditions and evidence that must be preserved immediately. This may include video recordings, 911 audio recordings, black box data, witness statements, and photographs of the vehicles and scene. At Lallande Law, we put our litigation experience to work for you in order to carefully compile important evidence.

Since car crashes frequently result in serious brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputations, traumatic fractures, and even death, we believe in the importance of showing compassion and understanding what our clients are going through physically, mentally, and emotionally.

At Lallande Law, we are driven by our passion for seeing justice achieved for our clients, and utilize an empathetic, detail-oriented, practical, scientific approach that has helped us win multi-million dollar settlements in the past.


If you have been involved in a car crash, Lallande Law, PLC can help. For a free initial consultation with Lallande Law, PLC, fill in the contact form or call (800) 308-8800.

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