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with expected annuity payout of


confidential v. confidential

medical malpractice


the case

Plaintiff, Baby Doe, nearly one year old, was admitted to Defendant Doe hospital for surgical treatment of an esophageal stricture by Defendant Doe Gastroenterologist. Although it was not detected at the time, during the surgery, Doe Gastroenterologist tore Baby Doe's esophagus. After the surgery, while Baby Doe was in the Day Surgery Recovery Area, and despite the involvement of other Doe Defendant Physicians, Baby Doe began to exhibit detrimental effects the tear was having on his body, including decreased oxygenation and the development of pnemothorax. Eventually, Baby Doe suffered a cardiac arrest. By the time the situation was stabilized, Baby Doe had been deprived of so much oxygen that he was left permanently and severely brain damaged.

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