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confidential v. confidential

medical malpractice

wrongful death


the case

Claimants brought a claim for the wrongful death of their husband and father, who died after his dissected aortic aneurysm went undiagnosed by his health care providers. Decedent, a Battalion Chief with the Los Angeles Fire Department, was transported by ambulance from his home to the hospital. Decedent arrived complaining of acute severe radiating chest pain, including heavy chest pain radiating to his jaw and lower back, and increasing with deep inspiration, acute shortness of breath, and associated nausea and diaphoresis.  Decedent passed away on the sixth day of his hospital admission of a dissected aortic aneurysm. Decedent's dissecting aortic aneurysm was not diagnosed during his hospital admission but was clearly evident on autopsy.  Claimants contended that the hospital and doctors were unreasonable and acted below the standard of care in that they violated the differential diagnosis procedure, delayed testing and treatment, and failed to refer Decedent to the appropriate specialist. Defendants contested liability, causation, and the value of Claimants' damages.

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