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pedestrian injuries

Lallande Law, PLC primarily handles two types of pedestrian injury cases: cases where a pedestrian is hit by a car/truck/bus, etc. and cases where a pedestrian is injured due to a dangerous defect in the sideway or roadway.


The most common argument that the defense employs in pedestrian injury cases in which a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle is that the injured pedestrian actually darted out into traffic, causing the crash. Fortunately, there are ways of telling whether or not these allegations are true. By carefully analyzing the physical evidence – the physical damage to the vehicle measured against the location where the pedestrian landed – you can use the law of conservation of energy to show conclusively how fast the pedestrian was moving. Other factors, such as the age of the individual and whether or not they were carrying anything, can also help disprove dart-out accusations. With a background in science, Mr. Lallande has used this practical, physical approach to reconstructing accidents to help his clients recover the compensation they need.


When a pedestrian is injured due to a defect in the sidewalk or roadway, such as a large sidewalk crack that creates an uneven walking surface and tripping hazard, it is important to hire an attorney who understands specific issues relating to the duty of both the government and private property owners to maintain the sidewalks and roads. An attorney in experienced in these types of cases will often fail to include all potential at fault parties in the lawsuit. At Lallande Law, PLC, we put our litigation experience in pedestrian injury cases to work for you in order to ensure that all possible avenues for compensation are explored.


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