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de la cruz, et al. v. cao, et al.

pedestrian v. auto


the case

Plaintiffs were enjoying a meal at a local restaurant, when they were stuck by an out of control vehicle that crashed into the building where they were eating. Two vehicles were involved in a collision in the intersection outside the restaurant, after which the driver of one of the vehicles put his foot on the accelerator, rather than the brake pedal, causing his vehicle to collide with and travel over the center median and then the curb, before ultimately colliding with the building and coming to a stop. Unfortunately, two restaurant employees two restaurant patrons were hit by the vehicle before it was brought to a complete stop. Lallande Law represented the two restaurant patrons, who both sustained lumbar strains, knee strains, and various abrasions and lacerations. The drivers of the two vehicles involved in the collision blamed each other, each claiming to have had the right-of-way, and disputed the nature and extent of Plaintiffs' injuries and damages. 

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