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altiok v. city and county of san francisco, et al.

pedestrian v. bus


the case

Plaintiff, who was wearing a jacket with a large fur lined hood over her head and "over the ear" headphones listening to "techno" music,  stepped off a curb, into a crosswalk, and into the path of the bus. Plaintiff collided with the bus as it was exiting the intersection. Plaintiff sustained a mild traumatic brain injury, a right tibial fracture, facial fractures, a forehead laceration, and 2 teeth fractures. Plaintiff alleged that the bus driver was negligent for entering the intersection on a yellow light and that he could have stopped the bus and avoided the incident. Defendants contested that the collision was  Plaintiff’s fault because Plaintiff did not look for approaching traffic before she stepped off the curb and into the crosswalk. Additionally, Defendants claimed that Plaintiff had fully recovered from the brain injury, citing the fact that after the incident Plaintiff completed a Masters Degree at a prestigious university. 

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