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slip/trip and fall

Private property owners, businesses, and the government are responsible by law for keeping their property reasonably safe, so that injuries do not occur as a result of dangerous conditions there. Unfortunately, all too often, people are injured as a result of slippery floors or uneven walking surfaces, which create slip or trip and fall hazards.


People don’t walk around with their eyes staring down at the floor to check for dangerous conditions because you expect the floor to be safe to walk on. Despite this, it is common for the defense in these types of cases to assert that the injured person should have seen the hazard in the floor if it was significant enough to have caused the person to slip or trip. Alternatively, the defense commonly argues that if the injured person didn’t notice the defect then the property owner should be excused from not noticing and correcting the hazard. Lallande Law, PLC has represented a number of individuals who have suffered injuries such as broken bones and spinal cord injuries as the result of a slip or trip and fall incident. We have the litigation experience to combat the defense’s arguments that attempt to shift blame from the negligent property owner to the innocent injured person.


If you have been injured in a slip or trip and fall incident, fill in the contact form or call (800) 308-8800 for a free initial consultation with Lallande Law, PLC.

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