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traumatic fractures

Fracturing a bone in your body can be a shocking and painful experience. But the story doesn’t always end with surgery or physical therapy. The after-effects of a traumatic fracture can continue for years and can unsettle the body’s natural balance and weight distribution, causing residual bone and joint pain. Lallande Law, PLC is experienced in representing clients who have suffered traumatic fractures and presenting insightful arguments to help juries understand the impact a traumatic fracture has on a person’s life and why it is important that they be fairly compensated. Lallande Law, PLC is truly passionate about making sure that each client receives the compensation they deserve.


If you or a loved one has suffered a traumatic fracture due to another person’s negligence, there are avenues available for compensation. For a free initial consultation with Lallande Law, PLC, fill in the contact form or call (800) 308-8800.

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