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wrongful death

The wrongful death of a loved one creates an emotional void in the lives of those who are left behind – a void that no amount of monetary compensation could ever begin to fill. But if you have lost a close family member due to the negligence of others, pursuing compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit may play a part in healing after your loss.


Lallande Law, PLC uses demonstrative evidence to create forceful presentations of clients’ claims and show juries the true repercussions that the death of a loved one has had on the client’s daily life. We believe in the importance of showing compassion and understanding what our clients are going through and have won multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts by effectively helping juries understand the void that is created by the death of a loved one. At Lallande Law, we are driven by our passion for seeing justice achieved for our clients, and utilize an empathetic, detail-oriented, practical, scientific approach.


For a free consultation with experienced lawyers dedicated to bringing you and your family justice, contact Lallande Law, PLC today by filling in the contact form or calling (800) 308-8800.

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